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Lesson A Hello!

Lesson B I love you

Lesson C Goodbye!

Lesson D I'm sunny!

Lesson E Oh, You're Baby Bear!

Lesson F Good Night!

Lesson G Self-assessment

Lesson H What's Your Name?

Lesson I I Clap One

Lesson J How Old Are You?

Lesson K Let's Sing a Song

Lesson L Time for Class

Lesson M Where Are You?

Lesson N Self-assessment

Lesson O What Colour?

Lesson P Find Your Partner

Lesson Q Big or Small?

Lesson R Apple, Apple, I Like You!

Lesson S Happy Birthday to You!

Lesson T Self-assessment

Lesson U Merry Christmas!

Lesson V Happy New Year!

Lesson W One Foot and Two Feet

Lesson X I Can Count

Lesson Y They Can Dance

Lesson Z Self-assessment


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