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Lesson 73 The record-holder

Lesson 74 Out of the limelight

Lesson 75 SOS

Lesson 76 April Fools' Day

Lesson 77 A successful operation

Lesson 78 The last one

Lesson 79 By air

Lesson 80 The Crystal Palace

Lesson 81 Escape

Lesson 82 Monster or fish?

Lesson 83 After the elections

Lesson 84 On strike

Lesson 85 Never too old to learn

Lesson 86 Out of control

Lesson 87 A perfect alibi

Lesson 88 Trapped in a mine

Lesson 89 A slip of the tongue

Lesson 90 What's for supper?

Lesson 91 Three men in a basket

Lesson 92 Asking for trouble

Lesson 93 A noble gift

Lesson 94 Future champions

Lesson 95 A fantasy

Lesson 96 The dead return


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