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Lesson 49 The end of a dream

Lesson 50 Taken for a ride

Lesson 51 Reward for Virtue

Lesson 52 A pretty carpet

Lesson 53 Hot snake

Lesson 54 sticky fingers

Lesson 55 Not a gold mine

Lesson 56 Faster than sound

Lesson 57 Can I help you, madam?

Lesson 58 A blessing in disguise

Lesson 59 In or out?

Lesson 60 The future

Lesson 61 Trouble with the Hubble

Lesson 62 After the fire

Lesson 63 She was not amused

Lesson 64 The Channel Tunnel

Lesson 65 Jumbo versus the police

Lesson 66 Sweet as honey!

Lesson 67 Volcanoes

Lesson 68 Persistent

Lesson 69 But not murder!

Lesson 70 Red for danger

Lesson 71 A famous clock

Lesson 72 A car called Bluebird


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