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Lesson 21 Daniel Mendoza

Lesson 22 By heart

Lesson 23 One man's meat is another man's poison

Lesson 24 A skeleton in the cupboard

Lesson 25 The Curry Sark

Lesson 26 Wanted:a large biscuit tin

Lesson 27 Nothing to sell and nothing to buy

Lesson 28 Five pounds too dear

Lesson 29 Funny or not?

Lesson 30 The death of a ghost

Lesson 31 A lovable eccentric

Lesson 32 A lost ship

Lesson 33 A day to remember

Lesson 34 A happy discovery

Lesson 35 Justice was done

Lesson 36 A chance in a million

Lesson 37 The Westhaven Express

Lesson 38 The first calendar

Lesson 39 Nothing to worry about

Lesson 40 Who's who


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