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Lesson 1 A puma at large

Lesson 2 Thirteen equals one

Lesson 3 An unknown goddess

Lesson 4 The double life of Alfred Bloggs

Lesson 5 The facts

Lesson 6 Smash-and-grab

Lesson 7 Mutilated ladies

Lesson 8 A famous monastery

Lesson 9 Flying cats

Lesson 10 The loss of the Titanic

Lesson 11 Not guilty

Lesson 12 Life on a desert island

Lesson 13 'It's only me’

Lesson 14 A noble gangster

Lesson 15 Fifty pence worth of trouble

Lesson 16 Mary had a little lamb

Lesson 17 The longest suspension bridge in the world

Lesson 18 Electric currents in modern art

Lesson 19 A very dear cat

Lesson 20 Pioneer pilots


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